A recent story in the Science Times has pointed out what Dr. Pankaj Naram says is the stigma of ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. The problems that families are facing in Africa and places like Ukraine are an echo of what many in the U.S. went through almost a decade ago. The study shows how giving medication to children with ADHD can sometimes cause dangerous side-effects, while not medicating can be just as difficult for some families. But what might be a third alternative?

Dr. Pankaj Naram points out that there may be alternatives that can help alleviated ADHD in a natural, long-term, safe way. As the Science Today piece notes, many people who need medication but can’t get it legally will turn to the black market or smuggle it into their countries. This happens often in Tbilisi, Georgia, where most ADHD drugs are banned.

Master Healer Pankaj Naram, an expert in pulse reading and Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, and featured in the recent book “Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD: New Options for Kids, Adults, and Clinicians” by Richard Brown, MD & Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, shares secrets that his 125 year old master taught him, on how to help cases like ADD/ADHD with natural diet and herbal supplements, none of which are considered conventional treatments for ADHD according to traditional psychiatrists.

According to Science Times, vitamin and supplement treatment for at least one case of ADHD seemed to help a child in Tbilisi who suffered with the disorder. Many who use the conventional psychiatric medications don’t do well because the side-effects end up being worse than the original problem. That leaves parents of children who have ADHD in a bind.

Dr. Pankaj Naram has been recognized by many universities and governments around the world for his work in the field of Siddha-Veda Ancient Secrets. He is an international authority who treats people from all walks of life. That allows him to help many people who suffer from all sorts of maladies and either can’t afford traditional treatment or who live in areas where there is very little access to health care.

Unfortunately, some parents have medicated their children with sedatives and drugs that are intended for psychotic disorders and other mentally disturbed patients. In the end, the sedatives can calm the children down but do nothing for the ADHD at the root of the behavior problem. It’s a typical case, according to the Science Times piece, of covering up a problem with drugs.

Master Healer Pankaj Naram is a recognized expert in pulse reading and helping of dozens of physical and mental problems. He notes that many modern disorders and diseases are widely misunderstood by both the public and the traditional medical community.